How To Style Oversized Shirt?

The key to styling an oversized shirt is to consider what you’ll be doing with it. Do you need to hide curves, or can you wear it to highlight them? Do you want it to be breathable and make you look slimmer? What about style? Oversized shirts come in various materials, styles, and fits, so how do you style them for the best look? Below are a few tips for styling an oversized shirt.

How To Style Oversized Shirt
How To Style Oversized Shirt

Untuck oversized shirt

While Untuckit didn’t actually reinvent the oversized shirt, it did make it much easier to wear. Its shorter sleeves are perfect for untucking, and its unique design makes it more comfortable for long-winded days. The company has a $200 million valuation and opened 25 stores last year, with plans to open more this year. Each shirt sells for between ninety and one hundred dollars.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your oversized shirt, there are a few things you should know before you buy one. First of all, there are many untuck-friendly tops on the market. While they’re certainly not essential, you’ll want to avoid the flimsy ones. And since they’re often more expensive than essentials, you may want to invest in a top with a higher price tag.

Roll up sleeves

If you are wearing an oversized shirt, roll up the sleeves to keep the shirt looking sleek. To do this, undo the buttons on the cuffs. This will let the sleeve fall naturally and cover the cuff. To roll up the sleeves, start from the bottom, rolling up from the cuff to the top, leaving the top part exposed. This method locks the sleeves into place and keeps them from undoing themselves throughout the day.

Generally, if you’re working with your hands, roll up the sleeves above the elbows. The folds won’t look bulky and will also reduce fabric bunching. You can also experiment with different lengths of the sleeves to find the right one for your style. If you’re looking for a fast fix or want to cool off on a hot summer’s day, a basic, casual roll is the best option. You can also experiment with other sleeve styles to add a little flair.

A more elegant style of rolling the sleeves is the “Master” roll. Begin by unbuttoning the cuff and turning the sleeve inside-out. Then, pull the sleeve up to about the elbow, then fold it over and trap the bottom cuff. This method looks great on any oversized shirt and adds a touch of class to the look. If you want to pull up the sleeve on an oversized shirt, it’s a good idea to buy a well-made one.

The rolled-up sleeve is another fashion trend that has practical roots. It was the norm to roll up the sleeves when working in the office. Often, this fashion trend is associated with men in business, since long sleeves interfere with hands-on work. Rolling up the sleeves is still a fashionable option, but you can’t wear it everyday without worrying about staining the fabric. It’s definitely worth a try.

Oversized shirts are often a bit on the loose side. Using the right technique to roll up the sleeves will add a touch of dressiness to an otherwise plain t-shirt. Begin by laying the shirt flat on a flat surface. Then, use a piece of chalk or a ruler to measure the length of the sleeve. Measure at least two inches from the shoulder seam. Afterwards, tie a bow with the hem edges and wear the shirt with pride.

Layer oversized shirt with jacket

An oversized shirt is great for layering when the weather changes, as it looks great under tailored jackets or slouchy knits. Oversized shirts made of crisp cotton contrast beautifully with chunky wool or fuzzy faux fur. During the cooler months, you can also layer a lightweight wool sweater underneath an oversized shirt. For a dressier look, try pairing an oversized shirt with a jacket in a similar material.

The main rule when layering a layered outfit is to not begin with a cotton base. This is because it will get dirty very quickly and look sloppy. Another important rule when layering is that the outer layer should never be half the size of the one underneath it. A shirt sized appropriately should be just large enough to be worn under the jacket without looking tacky. Long shirts with a jean jacket will look best when they hang longer than the jacket.

However, the solo layer look is not for everyone. If you don’t like this look, you can also layer the oversized shirt with a regular fit piece. A close-fitting Henley or polo will make a great base layer under an oversized jacket. The contrast between fit and oversized is both flattering and effective. For a smarter look, try a combination of the two styles.

A long hoodie and an oversized t-shirt can make a great outfit in a cold day. Pair a long sleeveless sweater or a cozy jacket with a pair of trousers for a layered look. Oversized shirts can be paired with a coat, blazer, or even a light sweater. And don’t forget to wear them with a pair of jeans. They will keep you warm and look smart.

Wear oversized shirt with sneakers

One of the most fashionable ways to dress down is to wear an oversized shirt with sneakers. Rihanna, an accomplished singer and fashion designer, embraced this trend in 2016 when she wore a oversized graphic tee with sneakers and leggings. The oversized shirt’s quirky graphic paired with crisp white sneakers created a look that’s totally on trend for 2021. Likewise, you can wear your oversized shirt with sneakers with a simple black dress or skirt.

One of the most important elements to styling an oversized shirt is thinking about its purpose. You can wear an oversized shirt to cover up curves or to accentuate a shape. You can find oversized shirts made of breathable materials, or slim-fitting materials. Choose one that matches your lifestyle and preferences. An oversized shirt can be worn with different shoes to look as flattering and streamlined as possible. The oversized style isn’t for everyone.


Oversized shirts are a popular trend in fashion right now. They can be worn in a number of different ways to create stylish and unique looks. We’ve shown you three different ways to style an oversized shirt, but there are many more possibilities. Be creative and have fun with it! How will you style your oversized shirt?

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